A hardwood flooring installation is something that needs much thought and planning before the process starts. We start project with checking the levels of the moisture present in the house subflooring and the hardwood flooring, and humidity level in the rooms. These checks are particularly important to ensure that the level of humidity and moisture content is right to avoid buckling or cracking of hardwood floors in the future. Another essential step is subfloor inspection for material quality, level, sounds etc. We look for several other important things before we install wood flooring, such as hardwood flooring manufacturer recommendations. Using right tools, fasteners, adhesives and techniques are necessities to keep the manufacturer warranty and to get the project done correctly. Our 23 years of professional experience and know-how allow us the ability to operate with a specialized crew to do all the work, including inspections of the flooring, furniture moving, removal of existing old flooring, installation of the new hardwood flooring, supplying and installing of baseboards and moldings, custom transition and nosing. We offer a free estimate for the services. There are absolutely no hidden charges that will be incurred after the install of the hardwood flooring. Those of you residing in the area of Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington or Toronto, have the opportunity to consult with California  Hardwood Floornig professionals for the proper installation.

Reasons to choose California Hardwood Flooring installers:

  • We guarantee our upfront price quote.

  • We have our own team of installers, operated and supervised by owner with 23 years of experience.

  • We made the installation done according to manufacturer’s and National Wood Flooring Association recommendations

  • We provide you with an industry leading 5 years warranty on installation.

  • Clear project timeline and punctuality.

  • Licensed and insured.

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